The First Euryalus a fifth rate 36 gun frigate 1803 - 1850

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The Second Euryalus a fourth rate 51 gun screw frigate 1853 - 1867

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The Third Euryalus a screw driven cruiser 1877 - 1897

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The Fourth Euryalus a Cressy Class armoured cruiser 1901 - 1920

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The Fifth Euryalus C42 Dido Class light cruiser 1941 - 1959

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The Sixth Euryalus F15 Leander Class anti-submarine frigate 1964 - 1989

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HMS Euryalus Battle Honours
Who was Euryalus

The name Euryalus is from a character in Greek mythology.  

In the Aeneid a Latin Epic poem written by Virgil in the late 1st century BC, Euryalus was a Trojan Warrior, who with his friend Nisus, soldiered under the command of Aeneas.  Aeneas was at War with the Rutulians and the Latinians.  Whilst Aeneas was off on a separate sortie, Euryalus and Nisus decided to go and find him.

Unfortunately their way was barred by a large party of Rutulians.  Euryalus and Nisus, seeing the enemy had posted no sentries and had caroused not wisely but too well decided to sneak through the enemy camp, killing as many as they could.  This they did with great effect, but unfortunately ran into a group of 300 Latinian Horsemen.  They decided to hide in the forest, but they were discovered when the moonlight reflected off Euryalus's helmet.  

Although surrounded they fought well but were eventually killed, though not before Nisus had killed Volscens the leader of the Latinians.  When the Rutulians discovered just how many men Nisus and Euryalus had killed they hacked off their heads and mounted them on pikes for the rest of the Trojans to see.

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Six ships have carried the name Euryalus with honour and distinction and they have been awarded 10 Battle Honours between them. These are proudly displayed on the HMS Euryalus Standard. You can find out about the history of each ship from the History option on the menu bar above or from the list below. 
The 6 Ships
First Euryalus 1803-1850   Second Euryalus 1853-1867
Third Euryalus 1877-1897 Fourth Euryalus 1901-1920
Fifth Euryalus 1941-1959 Sixth Euryalus 1964-1989
The Battle Honours
1805   1854 - 1855
1914 1915
1941 - 1942 1941 - 1943
Sirte 1942 Salerno 1943
Sicily 1943 Okinawa 1945

These battle honours are depicted on on the HMS Euryalus Association Standard ( picture left). This standard was paraded on ceremonial occasions by the Association and is now looked after by the Lancashire Fusiliers Museum in Bury, where it will again be paraded from time to time.

The standard also displays the motto "Omnia Audax" (Latin: Bold/Brave in All Things), originally that of the Lancashire Fusiliers and adopted by Euryalus by special dispensation of Their Lordships of the Admiralty in the early 1950's  (see history of The Fourth Euryalus...). The badge of  the Lancashire Fusiliers is also displayed in the standard’s bottom right hand corner.

The badge of The Lancashire Fusiliers with whom Euryalus has shared so much history,
see history of The Fourth Euryalus