Using the Website

General Navigation:

  • Use the menu bar at the top of the page to explore the website or click any active link e.g. more...  
  • The on the menu bar indicates a dropdown menu with additional options you can select.
  • Most active text links (hotspots) are in italics, coloured dark blue and underlined e.g. more... 

Picture Viewing:

  • Enlarging Pictures:
    Most pictures can be enlarged - just click a picture to enlarge it - to close an enlarged picture. Pictures that can be enlarged are indicated by the cursor changing to a zoom icon.k

    Single Pictures:
    Click the enlarged picture to close it (or use the Close  button on the control bar)
    Picture Galleries: Click anywhere outside the enlarged picture to close it  (or use the Close  button control bar)
  • Control Bars:
    When you enlarge a picture and your cursor is over the enlarged pictured a control bar is displayed in the top right-hand corner of a picture (the control bar is hidden when you move your cursor of the picture and shown again when your cursor is over the picture).

    Single Pictures Control Bar:
    The single picture on a page control bar has these functions: Move button, Full size button and Close   button. When you move your cursor off the picture the control bar is hidden and shown again when your cursor is over an enlarged picture:       
    Picture Galleries Control Bar: The picture gallery control bar has additional slideshow functions: Previous button, Start button, Pause button and Next button:
  • The First Time You Enlarge a Picture:
    The first time you click a picture to enlarge it may take a few second to load and you'll see Loading... whilst it's loading.  The bigger the picture the longer it may  take but should only be a matter of seconds and normally only the first time the picture is enlarged
  • Closing Enlarged Pictures:
    To close an enlarged picture either:
    • Click on the enlarged picture
    • Click the Close button on the control bar (located top right of the picture)
    • Use the keyboard Esc key
    • Click on another picture to be enlarged
    • You can also click the smaller picture (thumbnail) to easily toggle between enlarging and closing a picture without moving your cursor
  • A picture will remain enlarged until it's closed or if another picture is clicked to be enlarged
  • You can drag an enlarged picture to a new position by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the picture to the position and releasing the button
  • Some pictures can be enlarged even further by clicking the Full size button (if the picture is already fully enlarged the Full size button will be disabled grayed out)


  • Whenever you see a click it to popup additional information or select the Help option at the top of the page 

Enlarging a Web Page:

  • Most modern browsers allow you to easily enlarge (zoom in) or reduce (zoom out) the size of a web page using the keyboard enlarge a web page hold down the ctrl key and press the plus key.
  • No need to change the text size or the screen resolution just use ctrl+plus or ctrl+minus keys's that easy:
    • ctrl+plus       enlarges the page size
    • ctrl+minus    reduces the page size
    • ctrl+zero       resets page size back to 100%