Gallery Picture Viewing
When viewing pictures in a Gallery, as well as click to enlarge there are additional options available on the control bar (displayed at the top right of the enlarged picture and the cursor is over the enlarged picture).

Gallery Options: Keyboard:
Previous picture left arrow key
Start a slideshow of all gallery pictures spacebar
Pause slideshow spacebar
Next picture right arrow key
Standard Options|:  
Move Click, hold and drag picture to a new position
If enabled, expandes a picture to its full size f key
Close picture esc key
Additional Viewing Functions:  
 As well as the normal picture viewing controls shown above you can also:
  • Scroll through the thumbnail strip to the left using the right and left keyboard arrows. The thumbnail strip is displayed when a picture is enlarged
  • Click on a thumbnail in the thumbnail strip to show that picture.
View a Picture on a New Page:  
Clicking the View picture on new page link shown below each thumbnail displays the picture on a new page. You can then enlarge the picture even more, either by clicking on the picture if the cursor has changed to a  or by enlarging the web page itself (see instructions below). Use the browsers Back button to return to the Gallery page.

Enlarging a Web Page: Most web browsers allow you to enlarge (zoom in) or reduce (zoom out) the size of a web page either from the browser's View menu or by using the keyboard enlarge a web page hold down the ctrl key and press the + key.
  • ctrl plus + key     enlarges the page size
  • ctrl plus − key     reduces the page size
  • ctrl plus 0 key     resets page size back to 100%