The First Euryalus a fifth rate 36 gun frigate 1803 - 1850

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The Second Euryalus a fourth rate 51 gun screw frigate 1853 - 1867

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The Third Euryalus a screw driven cruiser 1877 - 1897

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The Fourth Euryalus a Cressy Class armoured cruiser 1901 - 1920

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The Fifth Euryalus C42 Dido Class light cruiser 1941 - 1959

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The Sixth Euryalus F15 Leander Class anti-submarine frigate 1964 - 1989

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24 Apr 2015 Gallipoli Centenary Commemoration - April 2015

Schedule of Events:

Friday 24 April 1900 The Fusilier Museum
Minden Suite
All Ranks Dinner (fully booked)
1900 The Fusilier Museum
Normandy Room
All Ranks Mini Gathering with HMS Euryalus including 'Up Spirits' and Shep Woolley for the nights entertainment
Saturday 25 April 1130 The Fusilier Museum
The official opening of the 6 Victoria Crosses before Breakfast Exhibition in the Fusiliers Museum
  1300 Gallipoli Garden
Unveiling of the 6 Victoria Crosses before Breakfast Plaque by the Mayor of Bury in the Gallipoli garden
  1400 The Rock
Shopping Centre
Concert by Bands of Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and Lorne Scots
  1430-1700 Bury Parish
Concert by Band of the Royal Marines. Tickets £15 get them quick before they go on general sale on the 14th February it will be a sell out. Get your ticket from the Fusiliers Museum or ring 0161 763 8969 or ring the Tourist information number 0161 253 5111
1900-2359 The Fusilier Museum
Minden Suite
Normandy Room
All Ranks Gathering in the Minden suite and Normandy room there will be a live singer and Disco in the Minden suit. Pasty and peas will be served
Sunday 26 April 1100 Castle Armoury
Church Parade
  1130-1255 Bury Parish
Church Service and Wreath Laying
  1300-1330 Bolton Street
Form up for March Past
1300 The Fusilier Museum All Ranks Lunch

Important: These timings may change, check the Gallipoli 100 page on the Lancashire Fusiliers Association website http://www.lancs−

Register Interest: If you're interested in the Gallipoli Centenary you can register your interest here Register your interest...

Add Your Name To Attending List: If you're planning to go to the Gallipoli Centenary in Bury there is a list on the HMS Euryalus F15 - Old Oppos Facebook page https://www.facebook.
(or search on Facebook for: HMS Euryalus F15 - Old Oppos), where you can add your details and name.

The following former Euryalus officers have said they will attend these events:

Rear Admiral Trewby (Midshipman 1964-5) Will lead delegation and take salute at March Past.
Rear Admiral de Halpert (Lieutenant 1978)  
Commodore Mowlem (Midshipman 1964-5)  
Captain Lean (Lt-Commander 1964-6) Will take charge of Euryalus contingent in March Past
Commander Hudson (Lt-Commander 1964-6)  
Commander Ellis (Lt-Commander 1964-6)  
Commander Rhodes (Commander and C.O. 1982-3)
Judge Fox (Lieutenant 1964-6)  

Full details of events are shown below:

Note: Click here http://www.lancs− to go directly to the same information on the Lancashire Fusiliers Association website.

Location of Events Addresses and Maps

Fusilier Museum:
Fusilier Museum, Moss Street, Bury BL9 0DF - Google Map...

Gallipoli Garden:
Galliopli Garden (Nr. Fusilier Museum), Silver Street, Bury BL9 0EN - Google Map...

The Rock Shopping Center:
The Rock Shopping Centre 1 Goodall Street, Bury BL9 0JY - Google Map...

Castle Armoury:
tabid/ 257/View/121/Default.aspx

Castle Armoury, Castle Street, Bury BL9 0LB - Google Map...

The Parish Church:
The Parish Church, The Rock, Bury BL9 0LA - Google Map...

Bolton Street - Form Up for March Past:
Bolton Street, Bury - Google Map...

Letter for Publication in the Navy News:

Below is a copy of a letter recently submitted by John Lean (Euryalus 1964 – 66) for publication in the Navy News regarding the Gallipoli Centenary - April 2015.

Calling all EURYALUS shipmates

All who have served on board either the Dido class cruiser or the Leander class frigate will remember the lively association there has been with XX The Lancashire Fusiliers, all as a result of Gallipoli in April 1915 when the Fusiliers were landed ashore in the cruiser Euryalus’s boats. The landing met with fierce opposition and the Fusiliers suffered hugely. Their distinction was to win “6 VCs before breakfast”. The Euryalus boats’ crews in the charge of midshipmen were also very much in the fray and their gallantry was recognised by a number of awards. In Bury, Lancashire, the centenary of the landing is being commemorated from 24 to 26 April 2015, and all who have been associated with the WW2 cruiser or frigate are warmly welcomed.

Some of the events in the programme are:

Friday 24 April Black tie dinner plus (for those who do not wish to attend this dinner) an informal gathering for the renewal of friendships made many years ago.

Saturday 25 April Royal Marines Band concert and an “all ranks” gathering.

Sunday 26 April A parade, Church Service and march past followed by a lunch.

Fuller details which will be updated periodically can be found on together with application forms for the events. Details will also be posted on the Euryalus website

There is much chatter about the centenary on the Facebook page “HMS Euryalus F15 - Old Oppos”, and we would ask that any shipmate intending to attend not only contacts The Lancashire Fusiliers as above but also adds a ditty on this Facebook page. The more who are seen to be attending the more that others will be attracted.

Rear Admiral John Trewby (a midshipman in F15 1964/5) has kindly agreed to head the Euryalus delegation. So far one former Commanding Officer, Commander Martin Rhodes, has agreed to attend. We would like more. Can anyone provide contact details for any other COs?

The focus of those who have been discussing the centenary has been on the march past on the Sunday. Even if you have always had a hatred for marching we ask you to join in on this. Marchers are guaranteed warm applause from Bury bystanders. We would like the Euryalus participation to stand out.

Please refer any queries either to me (email address below) or to Florrie Ford who spent 7 years in the frigate -

John Lean (Euryalus 1964 – 66) -