The First Euryalus a fifth rate 36 gun frigate 1803 - 1850

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The Second Euryalus a fourth rate 51 gun screw frigate 1853 - 1867

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The Third Euryalus a screw driven cruiser 1877 - 1897

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The Fourth Euryalus a Cressy Class armoured cruiser 1901 - 1920

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The Fifth Euryalus C42 Dido Class light cruiser 1941 - 1959

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The Sixth Euryalus F15 Leander Class anti-submarine frigate 1964 - 1989

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Images Cressy Class Cruisers
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C42 - Dido Class Light Cruiser
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An Accurate Plan of the Three Positions of the British Fleet... at the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805.
Courtesy of The National Archives, ref. MPI1/536 (7) The National Archives, 
F15 - Leander Class Frigate
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F15 - Leander Class Frigate
Courtesy of  David Page
The Fourth Euryalus
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The First Euryalus
Courtesy of From the series of limited edition prints “Fighting Sail 1773-1815” available at also limited edition prints by Geoff Hunt and other marine artists, depicting Nelson’s Navy, J-Class yachting and other maritime subjects can be viewed at
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