The First Euryalus a fifth rate 36 gun frigate 1803 - 1850

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The Second Euryalus a fourth rate 51 gun screw frigate 1853 - 1867

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The Third Euryalus a screw driven cruiser 1877 - 1897

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The Fourth Euryalus a Cressy Class armoured cruiser 1901 - 1920

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The Fifth Euryalus C42 Dido Class light cruiser 1941 - 1959

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The Sixth Euryalus F15 Leander Class anti-submarine frigate 1964 - 1989

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HMS Euryalus Reunion 13th - 15th May 02/03/2016
A reunion is planned for the 13th May through to the 15th May at South Shields.

For more information use the link below to go to the 'HMS Euryalus F15 - Old Oppos' Facebook page.!/groups/218388981566406/

HMS Euryalus Print 30/06/2015
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HMS Euryalus This print of the Second Euryalus was given to Prince Alfred’s Guard by Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1995.
Compliments of Ivor Markman, Prince Alfred's Guard Comrades Association
Compliments of Ivor Markman Prince Alfred's Guard Comrades Association.

This print of the Second Euryalus was given to Prince Alfred’s Guard by Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1995.

Prince Alfred's Guard Comrades Association have a close affinity with the Prince who gave the Port Elizabeth Rifle Corps the right to call themselves Prince Alfred's Guard when Prince Alfred visited Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1861 whilst serving on board HMS Euryalus.

The PE Rifle Corps were given the task of guarding the Prince during his stay in the town, hence the name Prince Alfred’s Guard.

The print is also shown on The Second Euryalus Gallery page.
Royal Navy Reunions 30/06/2015
Mike Crowe is trying to collate and publicise all old ships and similar reunions.

If you know of any forthcoming reunions please get in touch with him:

Mike Crowe

The Wager Disaster 27/02/2015
In 1741, Britain and Spain were at war. Commodore Anson and his small squadron battled round Cape Horn into the Pacific to take the war to the Spanish possessions in the South Seas. It was a notable moment in British naval history, when far-sighted men were beginning to realise the great benefits to British trade from a strong Navy with a worldwide reach. There were no accurate charts of the west coast of South America. The marine chronometer had not been invented, so longitude was largely a matter of guesswork. And before the value of lime juice had been recognised, the dreaded scurvy took a grim toll on the health of ships companies. One of the squadron, HMS Wager, a 6th rate of 28 guns, was driven onto a lee shore in vicious hurricane-force winds and wrecked on an uninhabited island off the coast of what is now Chilean Patagonia. About 140 Wager men reached the land, most of them then to be lost through starvation, exhaustion, hypothermia, drowning, and sometimes violence. Gunner Bulkeley led a party who mutinied against an unpopular captain, and set off in an open boat with no chart. No one approves of mutiny, but his 2500 nautical-mile journey from Chilean Patagonia to Brazil, through the world s worst seas, was an epic feat of navigation, and one of the greatest castaway survival voyages in the annals of the sea. Only 36 men (including Midshipman Byron, grandfather of the poet) eventually made it back to Britain, where their tales of fearful ordeals in a far country caught the imagination of the public. This book uses their accounts to piece together the story of a dramatic fight for survival under extreme conditions. The wrecking of the Wager had surprisingly lasting effects on both the history of Chile and the administration of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, as this book tells. Anson, justly called the Father of the Navy, saw to it that the lessons of the Wager disaster were learned and some important reforms implemented. In 2006 the wreck was discovered by a British expedition, and it is now being studied by Chilean marine archaeologists. Here in the Wager s extraordinary story, is a record of human endurance and perseverance in the face of almost superhuman adversity.
The Wager Disaster: Mayhem, Mutiny and Murder in the South Seas – 20 Jan 2015

by Rear Admiral C. H. Layman.

Rear Admiral C. H. Layman served on HMS Euryalus as a Lieutenant Commander during her 2nd commission 1966-68
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The Wager Disaster is available on Amazon at:

HMS Euryalus Facebook Page 30/09/2013
For those interested and who served on F15 there is a Facebook page.

The Facebook page 'HMS Euryalus F15 - Old Oppos' can be found at:!/groups/218388981566406/

All are welcome to join.
Federation of Leander Class Frigates - Next Meeting 7th April 29/03/2013
Next meeting is scheduled for the 7th April as below, in order to confirm arrangements with the Club and to confirm or not your Ships interest in continuing with the set up of the FEDERATION OF LEANDER CLASS FRIGATES, could you please reply by Monday with the following:-.



Ken Williams

Tel: 07941 363931

Federation of Leander Class Frigates - Minutes of Meeting 3rd March 12/03/2013
Many thanks to all those who attended the very successful Meeting last Sunday, to those Ships who couldn’t field a Rep, sorry you couldn’t make it.

As promised please find attached the minutes of the meeting and proposed mission statement to be circulated and discussed with your relevant Ships Membership, any queries please contact me. We are having a follow up Meeting at the Nautical Club in Birmingham on April 7th at 1100hrs. (confirmation to follow), providing backing by the Ships Reps is confirmed, to move on to the next stage in the formation of the Federation.

Federation of Leander Class Frigates - Mini Cruise 12/03/2013
During a very successful meeting yesterday, Leander Class Federation reps, we discussed the possibilities of a mini cruise which I have been negotiating with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.

I was asked to send the costs for the cruise. If you all would care to take a look at the details here, I’m sure you will all agree that these are very favourable costs. Fred Olsen have also agreed to do all the advertising, leaflets, bookings, etc.

Leander Class Frigates Association - Next Meeting 3rd March 21/02/2013
A meeting has been booked for Sunday 3rd March at 1000hrs in the meeting room at the BRITANNIA COVENTRY HILL HOTEl, Rye Hill, Allesley.

Regarding accommodation, as there are many different requirements for those attending, bookings arrangements will be left to individuals. Please let Ken Williams know by next weekend if you're interested in attending and if you would like him to organise coffee/tea and a buffet lunch, unfortunately none of this is free so can you bring some cash to pay him on the day please.

Ken is putting together a very basic agenda to set the ball rolling please contact him if you would like a copy and if you have any ideas for the meeting. The meeting should be finished by 1400hrs at the latest.

Contact details:
Tel: 07941 363931

Coventry Hill Hotel Rye Hill,
Tel:  02476 402151
Fax: 02476 402235
Website: Coventry Hill Hotel
Latest Website Updates 14/02/2013
This update includes the removal and archiving of the association pages and the membership pages. Please contact the Webmaster... if you have any questions about these pages.

Other updates and modifications are listed below:

  • Added new sections to the Home page 
  • Updated the gallery pages, adding more pictures and modifying how the pictures are displayed 
  • Modified contact functions throughout the website making it easier to get in contact

The Update History page has full details of these updates

All Ex Leander Class Frigate Crews 28/11/2012
It is hoped to form an association named The Leander Class Frigates Association.

If you served aboard any of the Leander Class Frigates and are interested in joining please get in touch with Ken Williams:

Tel: 01743 341439
Mob: 07941 363931
Invitation to Join HMS Phoebe Association 27/11/2012
The HMS Phoebe Association have kindly invited any former HMS Euryalus Association members to join them.

The HMS Phoebe Association has both cruiser and frigate members, and former Euryaluses can join as associated members and have the same rights as full members.

Anyone interest please contact:

Dissolution of The HMS Euryalus Association 23/06/2012
At an Emergency General Meeting on 23 June 2012, it was resolved that the HMS Euryalus Association be dissolved.

For further details see HMS Euryalus Association web page or it can be selected from the History option drop-down list of the top page Menu bar.