The First Euryalus a fifth rate 36 gun frigate 1803 - 1850

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The Second Euryalus a fourth rate 51 gun screw frigate 1853 - 1867

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The Third Euryalus a screw driven cruiser 1877 - 1897

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The Fourth Euryalus a Cressy Class armoured cruiser 1901 - 1920

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The Fifth Euryalus C42 Dido Class light cruiser 1941 - 1959

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The Sixth Euryalus F15 Leander Class anti-submarine frigate 1964 - 1989

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From: Jeff Keane 30/06/2015
I'm Looking for any information on Eric Charles Keane Royal Marine Corporal. He served on HMS Euryalus from 1941/1942, and his action station was possibly in X or Y Turret.

In 1941 he was only 16 years old, but I believe he added 2 years to his age so he could enlist. He got a tattoo in Malta in 1942 of an English rose with a dagger through it. He always regretted that.

He later served as a gunner on landing craft in the North African campaign and Salerno and Elba. He also saw service in Borneo or Burma.

He served with the Royal Marines until 1948-49 and in 1944 he was an Acting Temporary Corporal.
Please contact the Webmaster if you have any details.
From: Webmaster HMS Scarborough Website 18/02/2015
Having just received my copy of the RNA HQ Roll Newsletter I noticed the inclusion of your website and wonder whether you would be interested in adding to your Links page the following websites:
HMS Londonderry:
HMS Scarborough: h
The Derry site was created for the 1st commission of the ship and bi-annual reunions are still held. The Scarborough site is dedicated to all the warships named Scarborough in the hope that we can keep the name alive here in the town of Scarborough and for old shipmates of both ships around the globe. I will of course if you wish, reciprocate with a link to your website from both of the above sites.
From: David Woolfenden 11/09/2014
I am trying to contact an ex-Royal Marine Sergeant Keith Osborne who served with my father, Colour Sergeant Harry Woolfenden at the Royal Marine Training Centre, Ghain Tuffieha, Malta between 1957-60. Keith recently left a message on for me about my father.
I would like to get in touch with him and would appreciate any leads please..
Please contact the Webmaster if you have any details.
From: Ron Hewison 18/07/2014
I'm trying to trace a Michael Andrew Price, who I believe served on HMS Euryalus in 1978. Any help with finding him would be much appreciated.
Please contact the Webmaster if you have any details.
Dogs of the First World War Exhibition 10/03/2015

Opening: Tuesday 10 March 2015, 6.30pm - 9.00pm at Bishopsgate Institute Exhibition can be visited during Institute opening hours until 26 June 2015.

An exhibition inspired by the Libby Hall Collection held in the archive at Bishopsgate Institute. The collection is a treasure trove of canine-related postcards and photographs, essential viewing for dog-lovers and social historians alike.

The exhibition explores the role of dogs as both companions and workers during the years 1914 -1918.

Tel: 020 7392 9200
From: Ian Gilbert 08/02/2013
It is with regret that I inform you that another of your proud members has passed away.

Member No 165 from 06-10-1990
Ronald Charles Warrillow of Stone Staffordshire
Served 1944-1946

Sadly Ron, my Father in Law, passed away on 21st September 2012, aged 86.

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From: The White Lodge 29/12/2012
Hi, just a quick e-mail to see if you would consider placing a link on your website to my Southsea B&B, The White Lodge.

I would be happy to offer a 10% discount to any guests who book directly and mention your website. 

Martin May-Clingo - The White Lodge B&B Southsea
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From: Ken Williams 28/11/2012
I’m sorry to hear that your Association has been dissolved, a very sad occasion for all those who I’m sure put a lot of effort in trying to make it work.

Would it be possible to put a note on the web site for people to either join the Leander Face Book site or to contact me regarding the formation of a Leander Class Association. 

Ken Williams - HMS Jupiter Association
(see Noticeboard section Home page and Leander Class Frigates page)
From:HMS Phoebe Ass. 28/11/2012
Sorry to know the Euryalus Ass'n has closed down. If there are any members who wish to they can join our HMS Phoebe Association.

It has both cruiser and frigate members, they can join as associated and have the same rights as full members. There is also the Federation of Naval Associations they can join and still retain the Euryalus Association at no cost. 

Roy - HMS Phoebe Association

From: Philip Covington 25/11/2012
I wish to inform you that my father Richard Covington RM Member 200 passed away on 21 November 2012 in hospital after a short illness.

He was 92.

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